Real Rajasthan

12/06/2022 through 12/22/2023
12/06/2022 through 12/25/2023
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Real Rajasthan

In between sand-dune camping, Jodhpur’s markets, an Udaipur cooking class, Pushkar’s bazaars and Jaipur’s temples, India will exceed all expectations. And that’s before you even set eyes on the Taj Mahal. Get ready for epic feeds, chaotic streets and enough sensory stimulation to last a lifetime. Delhi starts the show and finishes it too on this in depth adventure through the real Rajasthan.


  • Delhi – Leader-led Old Delhi walking & rickshaw tour
  • Delhi – Visit to the Jama Masjid Mosque
  • Delhi – Sheeshganj Gurudwara (Sikh Temple)
  • Jaisalmer – Camel safari & overnight desert camp
  • Jaisalmer – Leader-led walking tour
  • Jodhpur – Leader-led walking tour
  • Udaipur – Leader-led walking tour
  • Pushkar – Leader-led walking tour
  • Jaipur – Leader-led walking & market tour
  • Jaipur – Amber Fort
  • Agra – Taj Mahal


  • This comprehensive trip covers many of the diverse sights and destinations in Rajasthan and North India. There is a lot of travelling, but plenty of free time to decide on what you are most interested in seeing and doing.
  • A group size of up to 16 other travellers all of similar age means you will have plenty of new friends to share experiences, meals and good times with during your trip.
  • You haven’t properly shopped until you’ve experience an authentic Indian market. Practice your haggling and make sure bring an extra empty bag for all the goodies and trinkets you’ll find at Jodhpur’s Sadar Bazaar, one of India’s oldest markets.
  • The Taj Mahal in Agra may be one of the most recognisable buildings in the world, but it somehow has the power to surprise and impress even the most sceptical of travellers. Read one first hand account of a visit here:
  • Along with staying in simple hotels and guesthouses, you’ll spend nights traversing the country on overnight sleeper trains and one very memorable night out in the Thar desert where you’ll share a local-style meal at sunset before bunking down to camp between the sand dunes.
  • Flavourful, savoury and loaded with spice, India food is not only flavourful, it’s incredibly diverse. Learn the Udaipur’s spin on this delectable cuisine at a hands-on cooking class. 
  • Cinema buffs won’t want to miss watching a Bollywood blockbuster in the coolest cinema in the country, the stylish Raj Mandir Cinema in Jaipur.


Day 1 Delhi
Day 2 Delhi - Overnight train
Day 3 Thar Desert
Day 4 Thar Desert - Jaisalmer
Day 5 Jaisalmer
Day 6 Jodhpur
Day 7 Jodhpur
Day 8 Udaipur
Day 9 Udaipur
Day 10 Pushkar
Day 11 Pushkar
Day 12 Jaipur
Day 13 Jaipur
Day 14 Agra
Day 15 Agra - Delhi
Day 16 Delhi

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